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i'm chasing something i can never have.

rambling about life in general.

i can go to that school. i can. i'm starting to get nervous as hell. i want to go back to los angeles so badly right now. LA is everything that this place here is not. it's warm, it's beautiful, it has nice people, it has sights and it has this special something to it that makes you not want to leave. i want to go back. it feels like i've been torn out my home like literally with my feet as roots in the ground of the city of angels. that's how it is. make me stop thinking about it. please. life has to go on and stuff and that's why i'm gonna follow the path of education. i'd have to go back to school anyway, so this may be it for all i care. i'm gonna stop rambling now.
"you are one of god's mistakes."
- "lucky me, i'm an atheist.
24.6.09 22:15


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