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i'm chasing something i can never have.

bugs and features.

okay, so i've sent off the application today. waiting for responses is a bitch, seriously. i feel like my brother isn't too happy to have me going to his school soon, but what do i care. in my imagination, i'll go there, sit and listen and then leave just as fast as i can. as long as no one talks crap about me and stuff, i'll be just fine. but i notice my problems are getting worse and worse every day and there is absolutely no one to talk to. it's like i'm this prototype of some sort of human species that is about to be released somewhen during the next century and it has all these bugs to it and things that have to be improved. and it's really hard to explain a problem which you don't understand yourself. all in all, i'm kind of excited about things going on these days and i'm hoping to have some more or less good news soon.

it's not a bug, it's a feature! yay! go play with something toxic.

22.6.09 17:44


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