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i'm chasing something i can never have.

cut to commercial.

so i've been looking for some kind of layout.
as you can possibly tell, i didn't get very far.
i started this new blog, because i got to know a lot of people due to my main blog. and as is the rule with people you know, you tell them a lot, but there always remains a little bit you just want to keep to yourself.
and let's face it, blogging basically is sharing those things with the faceless public. everybody can look up how you're feeling, what you're thinking and so on, without even knowing you. that is amazing on the one and somewhat creepy on the other hand, but it's why blogging is so goddamn popular. it's so average.
okay, cut to commercial.
i'm way too tired to rant about how i'm doing not as well as i'd want to, how everything is crumbling to pieces and how much i fucking hate life in general. shame on me.
16.6.09 00:13


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